PlayOLG gets better with age

It went down as one of the controversial rulings in Canadian history, when government proposals to approve online gambling in Ontario were passed. While not affecting the rest of the world directly, it would prove be a major step with regards to legalising online gambling on North American shores. The legislation still has it detractors, as some don’t like the idea of there being legal gambling available within the home, but the records show that people are warming up to the idea. Proving to be both beneficial to punters and the tax office, PlayOLG is finally reaping the rewards of its drawn out development process.

The site itself was in development for quite some time by online casino standards, but has seemingly got better as time went on. The casino features games from developers Boss Media, Bally Technologies, and world-renowned IGT, along with a small selection of titles from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, Canadian lottery tickets can also be purchased directly through PlayOLG too. The reason for why the casino took so long to get up and running was because it was being selective in the location base and what technologies would fit in with government operated gambling standards. Since its inception players have shown their support by registering in high numbers, while revenue figures show that the casino was worth the wait and it is only getting better with age.

Stepping away from the game selection PlayOLG has been working to increase the level of player incentives found on site. Now when new players register they receive a free no deposit bonus of $10, along with a 100% matched deposit bonus (up to $150) for first deposits. They’ve also worked to increase the level of player retention through a bonus code system. Regular players at PlayOTG are given promotional codes that when input via the members account page, allow them access to reload bonuses, risk free bets, free spins, and even cash back on losing bets.

The software utilised by PlayOTG has also received a few tweaks. The software provider SPIELO G2 is well known for providing a quality gaming experience, but it didn’t seem to hit the ground running in Ontario as it was supposed to. Since then the software has been tweaked and customized to provide PlayOTG with a more robust, reliable, and seamless playing experience. It is safe to say that PlayOTG have listened to their customer base and are looking to bring the casino forward. The online field that I feel that this casino lacks in, is the mobile platform. If you are a player who plays casino games on your phone or tablet a lot, i would suggest you visit where you can find options more suitable to you.

Government run online casinos tend to be a bit of a mixed bag in general. They are either barebones and barely worth playing or an all-encompassing entertainment experience. As PlayOTG looks to make sure that online gambling is seen in a positive light in Ontario, you can see that the online casino has designs on eventually becoming the latter.

PokerStars ups the ante with latest ad campaign

Every online casino understands that attracting new players is of crucial importance. PokerStars clearly understand how to get this done and have invested heavily in improving their outreach through brand new advertising campaigns. In the US, they have adopted the true Californian approach through the Let California Play! Tour, but their global social media campaign is arguably even more impressive.

Launching on Facebook this past weekend, the new advertising campaign features the Team Pro roster once again, but this time with two new players. Thrown into the mix are two of PokerStars latest signings in footballing superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. Considered to be the biggest sponsorships ever handed out by the PokerStars brand, the new campaign launched with the tag “the biggest PokerStars marketing campaign in history” and it has proven to be just that. This is interesting, as not many online gaming websites spend so much time on TV ads anymore. Today, most casinos and poker sites put money in to promoting their brand via advertisements on gaming portals such as, which is cheaper but has the benefit of reaching the target audience easily.

The reason for the sheer size of the campaign comes about through the social media following of those involved. Not only does it add campaign reach the pre-established PokerStars audience, but it also reaches Ronaldo’s Facebook following of 104 million and Neymar Jr’s Facebook following of 53 million. Speaking on the new campaign Tarquen Henderson, Head of EMEA Gaming Sales, said “People come to Facebook for various reasons, but most log-on daily to discover new things from those they are interested in whether that be family, friends, or celebrities”. He also said, “What the PokerStars campaign does through fresh and engaging content is give the people what they want. As thanks to Facebook’s ad targeting, the new campaign will reach the right audiences and is sure to astound”. Rational Group CEO Michael Hazel has also been quick to comment on the ad launch, “This represents the biggest marketing campaign that PokerStars has ever devised. Initially launching on Facebook to begin with, both video do a great job of showcasing the fun side of poker. For us it only made sense to make to global icons like Ronaldo and Neymar Jr the centerpiece of the campaign, with a combined social media following 157 million people, they are the perfect pairing to promote the social side of PokerStars”.

The adverts themselves were created by well-known advert and music video director Vaughan Arnell and were shot on location in Spain. Prior to working on this Arnell was working for brands like Levis, Dove, and even music acts like Robbie Williams and most recently One Direction. The advert he has devised centres around both Ronaldo and Neymar Jr playing poker with friends. What the advert does is promote the social aspects of online poker, all the while promoting the PokerStars brand.

Not just for Facebook audiences, the adverts will launch on TV around the world on August 17th to coincide with the brand new PokerStars “Dream Team” promotion. The new promotion will see players battle it out for a chance to win $1,000,000 through puzzles and challenges that feature both Neymar Jr and Ronaldo. Global superstars, new promotions, and plenty of chances to win big, given what’s on show the future really looks bright for PokerStars.